Ways to Cope with the Psoriasis and the Stigma of Psoriasis

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Ways to Cope with the Psoriasis and the Stigma of Psoriasis

Ways to Cope with the Psoriasis and the Stigma of Psoriasis

16 August 2016
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People can be cruel when they see someone plagued with skin issues such as chronic psoriasis. Much of the issue is curiosity, but people's questions and comments can still make you feel self-conscious and lower your self-esteem. There are several ways to cope with the stigma.

Perception of Psoriasis

It is essential to keep your spirits in high gear with a strong attitude. The skin disorder is daunting enough without having to face the emotional roller coaster created by uneducated or uncaring individuals who stare. It is rude of them to do so, but you have to find some type of activity you enjoy to keep your mind off of the health challenges and the stares.

Ignore Ignorance

Many people don't realize that psoriasis is a genetic disease and that it isn't contagious. The best way to cope with the outbreaks is to tell people who are close to you such as family and friends. After all, the gazers aren't essential parts of your life.

Utilize Support Groups

It is important to get support for psoriasis with a network of individuals who can help you and realize what you are going through on a daily basis. Encouragement is essential and can be received through online resources. Everyone can exchange information, discuss symptoms, and meet mutual friends.

Eat to Soothe the Psoriasis

You need to stock your kitchen with healthy foods in the same way you would with other unhealthy outbreaks. Try salmon or mackerel, which is a coldwater fatty fish. Improvements have been shown through a study indicating a 15% improvement for those who consumed six ounces of salmon daily. The symptoms improved including scaling and itching, and results were seen within six weeks.

You can also try sprinkling ground flaxseed over salads and cereal to provide more omega-3 fats to the diet.

Avoid Alcohol

Evidence has indicated alcohol can cause flare-ups in individuals who indulge in more than a beer or a glass of wine daily. Alcohol is a known demon for causing drying of the skin. Therefore, if you are consuming alcohol, be sure to keep your skin moisturized. Also, alcohol can cause the drugs you might be taking to slow down or quit working.

Consider Medications

If you aren't a candidate for UV light therapy or topical medications, you might be prescribed systemic medications. These medications are used for patients who have moderate to severe symptoms of psoriasis. Systemic medications have been used for over ten years and can be given in injection, liquid, or pill form.

Dealing with the symptoms of psoriasis is a challenging part of daily life, and many people will not understand why you look as you do. Coping with the issues and the pain is a continuous problem you have to manage in the best way you can for your situation.

Talk to a professional such as Greater Des Moines Dermatology, P.C. for more ideas about dealing with psoriasis. 

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