Going Through Menopause? Follow These Tips To Cool Down Those Hot Flashes

Does your skin struggle through the warmer months? Discover helpful skincare tips for radiant summer skin.

Going Through Menopause? Follow These Tips To Cool Down Those Hot Flashes

Going Through Menopause? Follow These Tips To Cool Down Those Hot Flashes

27 April 2016
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Hot flashes are often due to menopause and can be very frustrating. They can keep you up at night, or you could have a hot flash during the day. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help cool yourself down and keep them at bay. Follow the tips below so you can take control of your hot flashes. 

Facial Sprays

Facial sprays (such as those from Way Of Will) are misting sprays that provide your skin with a layer of hydration. It is much like you splashed water on your face to wake you up.  You can also use the facial spray during your hot flash to immediately help you feel cool.  Carry the mist with you in case you have a hot flash during the day. It can help rejuvenate your face when the hot flash is over.

There are also other benefits to facial sprays. Some sprays have SPF added to them so you can protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.  Spray your face before you put your makeup on and then after to set the makeup. This will give you a dew-like complexion and your makeup will look fresh all day.

Cool Yourself at Night

Cool yourself down at night using a cooling pad. These pads are mattress pads that are made to draw heat away from you. Some cooling pads are electronic and have the ability to be set to certain temperatures. You can also find cooling pads that you can wrap around your pillows.  

Deep Breathing

According to the North American Menopause Society, partaking in daily regular, calm, paced breathing exercises can help ease hot flashes

If you are in the middle of a hot flash, deep breathing may calm you down and shorten the hot flash. As soon as you feel a hot flash starting, take slow, deep breaths and it may go away. One way to learn how to do deep breaths is by taking Pilates or yoga.  Practice this breathing technique regularly so it will come naturally to you.

Maybe Quit Alcohol

Drinking alcohol may trigger a hot flash for you, but this has not been researched.  Some studies find that it does not increase hot flashes, and other studies find that drinking alcohol increases them. You will have to determine this on your own, but it is worth doing.  Stop drinking for a time, and see if you notice a difference in how many hot flashes you get.

If you continue to get hot flashes regularly, you should see your doctor. There is treatment they can offer to help you cool down.

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