3 Gift Ideas For The Bearded Gentleman In Your Life

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3 Gift Ideas For The Bearded Gentleman In Your Life

3 Gift Ideas For The Bearded Gentleman In Your Life

5 October 2018
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You love your partner's beard, so it makes sense to choose a gift for them that reflects this. Beard-related gifts are thoughtful, especially because many men are unlikely to purchase nice grooming products for themselves, or even know what to buy. Here are a few ideas for the next time you want to buy a gift for the bearded gentleman in your life.

1. Beard Oil

The problem with many beards is that they don't get enough moisture. This leaves the skin under the beard feeling dry and irritated, makes the beard scratchy for romantic partners, and leaves the beard looking unkempt and wild. The solution to all of these problems is a nice beard oil. Beard oil contains essential oils and natural moisturizers, smells great, and a tiny drop typically goes a long way so this is a gift that will last a long time. Simply rub a drop of beard oil into and over the beard, and the result is a much softer and more comfortable beard.

2. Beard Balm Tins

Beard balm is a miracle product for bearded men. It soothes and tames fly-away hairs and whiskers, leaving a beard looking much more polished and attractive. Beard balm also locks in moisture, so the moisture from beard oil or conditioner will last longer, and the beard will stay soft and smooth.

3. A Gift Certificate to a Barber Shop

An old-fashioned barber shop is often the best place to get a beard trimmed and cleaned up, while also getting a haircut at the same time. Your bearded gentleman will appreciate the old-fashioned experience, especially if the barber uses shave foam and a straight-edged razor to clean up his beard. He may have no idea where to go for a haircut and beard trim, so a thoughtful gift idea is to do research, read reviews, and then buy a gift certificate for the barber shop that seems like the best fit.

Even better than beard balm in a tube is beard balm in a tin, which has a nostalgic, vintage quality that makes it a classy gift. Tins are also convenient since your bearded gentleman can simply toss one in his gym bag or suitcase whenever he wants to do a little quick grooming on the go. When you buy your husband or boyfriend one of these gifts, you are letting them know that you love their beard and also feel like they deserve some pampering.

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