Six Barbershop Etiquette Guidelines To Follow During Your Appointment

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Six Barbershop Etiquette Guidelines To Follow During Your Appointment

Six Barbershop Etiquette Guidelines To Follow During Your Appointment

22 June 2018
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Barbers are specially trained to help you achieve the hairstyle and look you desire. However, if you want your barber to do their best work, you must also contribute to the effort by following proper barbershop etiquette rules. These guidelines exist to make it easier for your barber to work on you, and also to ensure a good experience for other customers. Here are six such guidelines to follow.

Don't be late.

If you are late, your barber may be in a rush to finish your haircut so they don't get behind on all of their appointments for the day. Be on time, and your barber can take their time on your style. You also keep other customers from having to wait.

Know what you want.

Look up pictures and get a good idea of what you want before you visit the barber. You do not want to sit down in the chair and hem and haw about what style you want for a half hour. It's hard for your barber to meet your wishes if even you don't know what they are.

Have realistic expectations.

If your barber insists that you cannot achieve a certain hairstyle with your hair, listen to them. Everyone's hair has its limits. If you have wavy, red hair, you may never be able to rock the spiked, blonde look -- no matter how much bleach your barber uses. Don't press your barber to try and achieve a hairstyle they tell you is not possible.

Sit still.

It's okay to talk and interact with other customers while your hair is being cut and styled, but do sit with your head still and looking straight ahead when doing so. It's tough for your barber to do your hair properly if you are moving around.

Put your phone away.

Unless you are waiting for an absolutely urgent, emergency call, make sure you put your phone away. Having it ring in the middle of the appointment is distracting for the barber. If you pick it up and move your head, your barber may make a mistake.

Keep conversation polite.

It's definitely encouraged to chat with your barber and other patrons while you are getting your hair done. Just make sure you keep the conversations polite, and avoid dividing topics like politics and religion. Chatting about sports, the weather, and your job is generally a better and less risky approach. 

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