Continue Enjoying No-Shave November Through The Holidays: Christmas Gift Ideas For Beard Care

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Continue Enjoying No-Shave November Through The Holidays: Christmas Gift Ideas For Beard Care

Continue Enjoying No-Shave November Through The Holidays: Christmas Gift Ideas For Beard Care

14 December 2017
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It may have started as a fun way to raise awareness for cancer patients who have lost hair, but No-Shave November has become a trend that allows men to continue enjoying their facial hair for longer periods of time. If the man in your life prefers the beard, make sure they have the tools to maintain their facial hair. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas to consider for the man that enjoys No-Shave November all year long.


A beard trimmer is a must-have for keeping hair neat and clean through the year. Purchase a battery-operated trimmer that is convenient and easy to use.

The trimmer should offer multiple blades that lift and trim facial hair in a clean and precise manner without any tugging or discomfort. Double-sharpened blades are also beneficial, since they are capable of trimming hair without irritating the skin.


Just like the hair on your guy's head, facial hair can be dry and brittle. Applying natural oils directly to the beard will improve the way the facial hair looks, smells, and feels. In addition, beard oil helps moisturize the skin under the beard.

Beard oil should be applied directly to the facial hair immediately after showering or washing the face. It is important to note that a small amount of oil goes a long way, so only a few small drops of the oil will be necessary.


If your man's beard is longer, a beard balm will help keep the hairs neat and tidy.

Balm is used like a hair gel, allowing your man to tidy up longer strands of facial hair. Balm can also be used to improve the shine of facial hair if your man has a shorter beard.

Your man will only need a small amount of balm while grooming his beard. Allow him to rub a small amount in between his hand before applying it directly to the facial hairs.


A good quality beard brush or comb will also be necessary for maintenance.

Men with shorter beards can use a beard brush, made out of natural bristles create a smoother, tidier look.

If your man's beard tends to be bushier, consider a beard comb that can be used in the shower to detangle longer facial hairs.

A trimmer, oil, balm, and brush or comb are helpful tools to ensure your man's beard looks clean and tidy all through the year.  Contact a company, like Beard Farmer, for more help.

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