Your Child Has Lice! Use These Natural Treatments To Handle The Situation

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Your Child Has Lice! Use These Natural Treatments To Handle The Situation

Your Child Has Lice! Use These Natural Treatments To Handle The Situation

12 September 2016
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Head lice is something that no parent wants to deal with. However, if you see those little bugs in your child's hair, it's time to roll up your sleeves and see what you can do to get them out of your child's hair. If you can't head out for a store-bought treatment yet, don't worry; here are natural lice killing treatments that you might be able to use right now.

Try Virgin Coconut Oil

If you already use coconut oil in your cooking, you might be surprised to learn that it might help with lice as well. Coconut oil is said to be one of the best natural treatments for lice. The reason that coconut oil seems to work so well is that it leaves a layer of oil on living bugs that makes breathing more difficult for them and they suffocate. In addition, the oil seems to soften the shell of the eggs, or nits, and makes it difficult for them to stay attached to oily hair strands.

Wearing kitchen or plastic gloves, work coconut oil through your child's hair from the roots to the ends. Cover their head with a plastic shower cap and leave them alone overnight. When they wake up, wash their hair out. Coconut oil is also a natural conditioner, so your might be surprised and delighted to discover how soft your child's hair is. After their hair is rinsed, take a de-lousing comb and start the work of finding the nits and taking them out of your child's hair. Don't have a de-lousing comb? A traditional comb will work to separate the hair into small sections, but you'll need to put a pair of gloves on and pick the eggs out yourself.

Apply Mayonnaise

If you are desperate and don't have coconut oil, mayonnaise might just be the treatment for you. It may seem crazy that mayonnaise would work to kill lice, but it's such a thick substance that the bugs are simply suffocated by it. Put a little mayonnaise on your gloved hands and apply it liberally to your child's hair. As you might guess, this can get incredibly messy, so be sure to have your child wear a plastic shower cap while the mayonnaise is in their hair. Leave it on while they sleep at night, and wash it out in the morning. You should find any live bugs that have died, and you may find it easier to comb the nits out.

Once you've treated your child's hair, remember to replace their bedding so that no new bugs get into their hair. For more information, contact Lice Clinics of America - Cleveland or a similar location.

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