Things To Expect After Having A Hair Replacement Procedure

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Things To Expect After Having A Hair Replacement Procedure

Things To Expect After Having A Hair Replacement Procedure

1 September 2016
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If you are thinking about having a hair replacement procedure in order to achieve the look that you desire, you will want to know some of the things that you can expect to deal with once it is done. To help you with this, you will want to take a few moments to read through the following points.

You May Notice Some Shedding Of Hair

This can be very worrisome for someone who is not expecting it, especially after just getting the solution to a problem that they may have been dealing with for a very long time. The thing is though, a little shedding of hair is to be expected and it can happen for a few weeks after the completed procedure. It is seen as a natural reaction to the trauma that your scalp went through for this type of procedure and it should not create any long-lasting negative results.

Your Healing Process Timeline May Vary

Every person heals differently after a hair replacement procedure. This means that while one person may be completely healed and is noticing excellent results in as little as two months, it might take you three months. You will not know for sure how long your healing process will take to complete until you have gone through it. The amount of scaring that you may deal with will also be different than someone else who went through the same procedure. By understanding all of this, you may be less prone to expect certain results within a set amount of time. 

You Should Continue Taking Hair Loss Supplements

Even though your hair replacement procedure is a success, you may still be encouraged to continue taking your hair loss supplements. This is because you will want to help strengthen and continue to protect the natural hair that you still have. This way, it will not be as prone to falling out, causing you to need another hair replacement procedure. By continuing to take your supplements, you will have a better chance at maintaining the results that you will enjoy from your hair replacement procedure. 

With those three things in mind, it should be a lot easier for you to become well prepared for what you are going to experience after you have gone through the hair replacement procedure. For additional information, make sure that you are scheduling an in-depth consultation with the hair replacement surgeon that you will be using, like one at Edward Katz Hair Design.

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